Engine Performance Testimonials

My name is Greg Snyder and I recently installed a LPI Trail Dominator Kit in my 1993 Storm 750.
When I first purchased my Storm (two winters ago), I installed a lightweight exhaust canister with my stock pipes.  This improved some of the low-end bog, but wasn’t much of an overall improvement.
Last year I installed a set of PSI Mod Blaster pipes and Delta V-Force Reeds, again this had a so-so effect on my sled.  This year I installed the LPI Trail Dominator Kit and clutching.  WOW!  Unbelievable improvement!  The Storm has never run so strong!  This past week I ran three days on the lakes in Northern Minnesota (B.W.C.A.) border lakes.  I was totally impressed!

-Greg Snyder

After having a thousand miles on my 600 Edge X in 2001, I was looking for some more performance. I had witnessed first hand the difference that a Trail Dominator kit had made on a friends sled and hoped the kit could do the same for me. While happy with the sled, I knew more performance was available.
Little did I expect the Trail Dominator kit would transform my 600 into 700-eating animal it has now become!! My mileage before the kit was consistent 10-12 mpg. I could barely hold off a Ski Doo 700 that I regularly rode with. After the kit was installed, there was no comparison.
What originally was a neck and neck tie between myself and the Ski-Doo in 600 feet, turned into an embarrassment for the Ski-Doo. I would have the Doo by 5 sled lengths in 600 feet. 0-80 mph, look out this sled was unreal, I could now out run Polaris 800’s, 700’s and Yamaha triples. The fuel mileage now consistently runs at 15 mpg. It’s great to beat-up on the 600’s,700’s and a lot of 800’s on the trail and at the gas pumps!!
Fast forward to 2005, and 10,000 miles on this kit, the sled is still one to be reckoned with. Thanks Legend for such an amazing product!

– Kris Downing
Pioneer, OH

After several trips back to the local dealer for set-up and calibration issues with my new 00 Polaris XC 700 I decided to contact Mark at Legend Performance. In dealing with Mark in the past I have much respect for his knowledge and the meticulous detail he puts into his products. A short time later I was picking up my sled from his shop with the Trail Dominator Kit and new cutaways installed. Wow ! What a difference in the way this sled pulls, everything he indicated was right on. Even the much needed increase in fuel mileage.
With so many new performance products being introduced today it can make it somewhat confusing but this guy knows what works “ the 1st time thru  and no guessing.
Even today some 6000+ miles later the sled still provides the same arm stretching sensations us power and torque hungry riders live for. There is nothing more rewarding then being out in front with the assurance of reliability.
Thanks again Mr. Zaic you and your facility are an asset to us all !

-Jerry Hendrick

I purchased the Fitch catalyst product and put it in my 2002 XC700 Edge and here’s what I found. It was hard to believe but the cartridges did keep my gas fresh. I ran the gas out of the carbs last spring and left a half tank of gas that was put in in early March. I didn’t add anything to the gas other than the Fitch Product. I left a small can of gas untreated next to the sled for the summer. By September the gas in the can smelled bad. The gas in my sled smelled as fresh as the new can I had just brought home.
Proof is in the pudding though, so when I started the sled for the first time at the end of November it was hard to dispute the Fitch claims when the sled fired immediately. After years of struggling with additives that only last at best 6 months and cleaning varnished carbs, I’ve found that the catalyst cartridges are superior to any of the other gas stabilizing products. This is the 3rd season with the cartridges in my gas tank and my carbs are clean as a whistle. I’d say they’re well worth the $45 investment.

-Thunder Dan

Madman Mark Zaic,
I’ve had LPI install (2) Trail Dominator kits. One for my 1998 XC700 and the other on a 2002 XC700SP X Edge with VES valves and all I can say is WOW. I was told that if I still recognized my sled’s performance after the mod that it would be put back to stock at no cost. Well, the rest is history as the BRAAAPP from every thumb stroke has lengthened my arms and left those behind me eating piles of snow.
I fought the 98′ every step of the way with aftermarket components.  Dynoport Twin Pipes, Delta V-Force Reeds, Jetting, Clutching, even a roller secondary. What a joke. Even after multiple technical advice from the manufactures, I struggled to run down 600’s after the hole shot. After reading about the TD Kit in Supertrax Magazine and with much reservation, I called LPI to discuss the frustration with the investment I had already made and wanted some kind of insurance that this additional investment would not be a waste of time. We’ll you were right Mark. I didn’t even recognize that 98′ when I got it back. I was finally experiencing the real potential of my 700. Even my buddies couldn’t believe the instant throttle response and arm stretching torque. Best thing about it. One buddy has a 99 XC600SP and the other a 2001 XC600SP Edge and when we gassed up, I would put in $12 and they would put in $15. How can it get any better than that. I found opportunities to put it up against other stock 700’s and the races weren’t even close.
When my 2002 arrived, I couldn’t wait, so off to LCI it went for a Trail Dominator Kit again, including the clutching, reeds and heads. Once again, the throttle response, torque and gas mileage were unbelievable. Mark’s prove it to you field tests at the shop once again had me driving home from TC with a grin only a kid in a candy shop could understand.
Thanks again Mark for the stump pulling power.

-Thunder Dan

Mark, I installed your Trail Dominator Kit on my 96 Polaris Storm and it went from a dog to an awesome trail sled. The increased acceleration and crisp performance is very impressive. You best be hanging on tight when you grab the throttle or you will be off the back of the machine. The mileage also went from 6 mpg to an average of 12 mpg. It is a great all around performance package and I recommend it to other Storm owners.

-Rob Sturgis

I just had Mark install the Legend Trial Dominator Kit. I own a 2002 Polaris 600 Edge X, all I can say is “WOW” the name for the kit just doesn’t justify the increase in performance. I would much rather call it the “Snap your neck kit.” The overall throttle response has increased by what seems like 50%. I am totally sold for this kit and the work done. Everything was left professional and all work done was precise and clean.
Mark, i just wanted to thank you for your patience and your hard work. The increase was just as you said it would be.

-Kyle Besore

The 700 worked top notch. The trail kit on this sled improves the mid-range power to match the power at the bottom and top. With the kit it pulls your arms back from the get-go, to wide open. I did some tests and found at 8000 rpm on my sled, I needed to put the stock weights back in, for the best up shift and back shift. The SRX 150 hp stock sled should run all over a 700 twin, but the twin blows the SRX from start to ten lengths across the lake. My friend who owns the SRX was very impressed with my 700 after I kicked his butt across the lake five or six times. The SRX was modified; cold air intake kit, clutch kit, reed spacers, and an exhaust can for weight. The twin will only take the SRX by four lengths across the lake from the start. It still is a big improvement over a stock 700 XC.

Thanks for the help,
-Trevor Madore

I am a proud owner of a 1999 Polaris XC 700. In November of 1999, at the Novi, MI snow show, I discussed the improvements that a Dominator Kit would give with Mark Ziac of Legend Performance, Inc. I will admit that I was a little leery because there are so many opinions out there. Mark seemed very knowledgeable about Polaris snowmobiles, so I bought the kit. Two months later, I got to see how it performed. I was very impressed!
I raced 2 XC 700’s, one stock and the other had SLP Pipes and a Clutch kit.  I beat them both by at least 5 sleds in a 600 feet race. I continued to press the ability of the sled with bigger sleds… SRX, T-Cat, Mach Z and 800 ZRT and not one of them could consistently beat me in 600 feet! To emphasize, over a five-day snowmobiling trip to the U.P., there wasn’t a stock sled I couldn’t run with in 600 feet. I did have one concern, my sled would load up at an idle and I had some low end bog. I called Mark and he said I needed a different cutaway size. In October of 2000, I took my sled to this immaculate shop in Traverse City, MI and Mark worked on the sled. I also had Heel Clicker weights installed.
When I returned home I ran the sled up and down the yard… WOW… can’t wait ’til winter! My wife took a lap in the yard and all she said was, “That is dangerously fast! “. This sled ROCKS… be looking for the bald guy on the white XC 700!
Thanks Mark for the superior job!!!

-Joel Boothman

Your recommendation of the Trail Dominator Kit for my 98 XC 700 w/ 220 cylinders gave me exactly what I wanted.  We were very impressed with the results, especially throttle response and acceleration!  If I didn’t know better I’d think I installed a big bore kit (like my brother-in-law says I did)!  What a difference this bolt-on kit made!
The set up was right on with perfect jetting specs. The kit contained excellent detailed instructions and very good looking high quality parts. The machine reacted exactly as you stated and you were very helpful with some minor adjustments.
I can’t wait to get another sled so I can bolt a Trail Dominator Kit on it!

Thanks Again,
-Tom Kobylaski

Just a note about your kit on my ’01 XC 800. You know this already but I am so happy with this kit I need to tell you this again.  My 800 now has 5200 miles and it runs very quick and fast.  My sledding buddies have -these sleds:  ’03 800 Polaris XC, ’02 800 Cat and F7, 2000 XCR 800 and a ZRT 800.  We have been racing each other.  All sleds are studded.  My ’01 800 is quicker than all of the above.

-Mike Worrall

Just quick note to thank you for your excellent workmanship on my 2002 Polaris twin, with M-10 suspension. After you installed your Trail Dominator Kit and my single pipe, the difference was shocking. My speed went from 108 mph to 120 mph. Comparing the acceleration with a friend’s stock sled, the difference between his and mine was bus lengths.
Using the ZX-2 oil that you provided was also a performance factor.
Since this is the only modification that I have had done, that actually performed as promised, I felt I should acknowledge your success on my sled.

-Bob Ross, 30 year rider

Legend Performance,
Here are some of the differences that I have noticed since I chose to run ZX-2R two cycle mix in my Honda CR250.
•    Change in the tone of the exhaust.
•    The sound of the engine is crisper.
•    110% change in the throttle response.
•    Smoother power delivery.
•    No smoke, even after revving the engine.
•    Clean burn, no extra residue at the end of the silencer or on the back fender.
There is not really a description of the amount of change in performance you will see. It’s like having a different engine. The two-cycle mix I was running is a leading brand name a lot of people stand by. There is only one mix I will stand behind and run in my Honda, and that is Legend Performance ZX-2R!
Mark, thanks for investing your time and energy to produce an awesome product!

-Casey Shann