ZX-4PS 0w-40

LEGEND ZX-4PS is an advanced technology, Ultra-Premium Plus four-cycle lubricant.  ZX-4PS exceeds JASO MA+, API SF,SG,SH,SJ and the new NMMA FC-W criteria for powersports applications.

ZX-4PS is a hydro-isomerized,  mineral based "hybrid oil” that has been engineered for maximum engine protection in a wide variety of operating temperatures.  ZX-4PSis not a “repackaged” automotive oil, but a chemically engineered specialty lubricant designed for today’s high-output recreational 4-stroke engines.ZX-4PS utilizes HTHS (High Tension High Shear) chemistry with patented anti-wear additives to prevent piston scuffing, cam wear and extend bearing life in extreme conditions.  Excellent corrosion protection, optimized detergent dispersancy, and oxidation stability.  ZX-4PS was developed for use in high-performance 4-stroke snowmobiles, motorcycles, ATV’s, outboards and personal watercraft.  Multi-grade 0W-40 is formulated for snowmobiles or ATV’s in sub-zero climates.  10W-40 recommended for all temperatures above zero degrees (F).


  • Broad multi-grade viscosity rating for unmatched all-temperature performance.
  • Superior anti-wear, anti-foaming, detergent dispersancy properties.
  • Low volatility (NOAK ASTM D-5800) reduces oil consumption and deposits.
  • HTHS polymers insures viscosity, extends oil service life dramatically.
  • Excellent thermal / oxidative stability.
  • Mineral based hybrid formulas for outstanding internal engine protection exceeding tough new NMMA FC-W criteria.  Outperforms synthetics while optimizing piston ring seal.
  • Highly recommended for modified or turbocharged engines.
  • Approved for motorcycle wet clutch applications requiring a JASO MA/MA+ rating.

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