Trail Dominator Kit

Proven Results! What else would you expect from the leader in bolt-on performance?

The best horsepower per dollar investment that money can buy! These kits are guaranteed to provide unmatched levels of performance while boosting fuel efficiency!! This is a 100% bolt-on kit designed for the performance trail rider who demands maximum results!

  • The Trail DominatorTM kit consists of the following components:
  • Thunder Dome IITM Interchangeable Cylinder Heads
  • High-Flow Dual Stage Performance Reed Valves
  • Comprehensive Primary/Secondary Clutch Kits
  • Detailed Set-up/Installation Instructions

Dramatically improves horsepower, torque, acceleration and overall throttle response while providing a 15%-20% improvement in fuel economy! No other product on the market can compete with the Trail Dominator'sTM reputation for performance and customer satisfaction!! If your looking for reliable, red-hot trail performance, the Legend Trail Dominator KitTM is the obvious choice!! Rated #1 performance modification by Super Trax magazine with a growing list of satisfied customers!!
Kits available for the following models:

XC 600/700/800 SP V.E.S. '00-'04
XCR 800 '99-'03
XC/RMK 600/700/800 non-V.E.S. '97-'01

XCR 600/700 '96-'98
Storm 750/800 '93-'98
Ultra 680/SPX '96-'98

POLARIS XC/RMK 600 / 700 / 800 TRAIL DOMINATOR KITTM- This is the "must have" kit for all XC/RMK 600/700/800 owners looking for that competitive edge!! The Trail DominatorTM kit includes our famous Thunder Dome IITM billet aluminum three piece high performance head, high-flow reeds, and our extensive Trail DominatorTM primary/secondary clutch kit. Dramatically improves acceleration, throttle response and ease of starting while increasing fuel economy 15% to 20%!! No other modification on the market provides an increase in horsepower and torque while delivering better fuel mileage like the Trail DominatorTM kit!! 100% compatible with aftermarket pipes or porting and allows any additional modifications to be utilized to their full potential by improved fuel/airflow dynamics and enhanced combustion. This kit is guaranteed to provided harder acceleration, crisp throttle response and more top speed!! Our Trail DominatorTM kits have been rated number one in customer satisfaction year after year for one simple reason-they deliver the kind of performance that we advertise!!

This a 100% customer bolt-on performance package engineered for the way you ride and is guaranteed to live up to the Trail DominatorTM reputation!! The Trail DominatorTM kit comes complete with clutching and jetting specifications. Gain 6-8 sled lengths over stock sleds in less than two hours!! LPI recommends this modification prior to or in conjunction with the installation of pipes for an outstanding performance package!!

"Beating your buddies has never been this much fun!!!"

Call for specific applications.

XLT/XCR 600 TRAIL DOMINATOR KIT- STAGES 1 & 2- Stage 1 consists of our popular "Thunder Dome" heads, bored carbs and a special clutch kit, provides a 3-5 sled length advantage over stock XLT's in 660'.

The LPI Trail Dominator kit, we'll see who's calling who a "light weight"!!!

Pipes are recommended for even better performance.


Call for specific applications.

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