Ultra Finish Polish

Let's face it: You want car, truck or snowmobile to look great, not the protective coating you put on it. Waxes and other coatings can't compete with Ultra Finish because they sit on the painted surface, build up, become dull and require removal. Even worse, they hide the paints true brilliance!

Think about it: Would you coat your eyeglasses with wax? Probably not. So why would you put wax on your vehicles base/clear coat? Ultra Finish is designed to work with your vehicles paint by removing oxides and accumulated contaminates at the same time it strengthens weak spots in the paint. As a result, your painted surface is clean, exceptionally smooth and shines brilliantly! That's the Ultra Finish difference!! Ultra Finish will remove oxidation, over-spray, road tar, tree sap, dead bugs, swirl marks, haze, water stains, old wax and much more...Ultra Finish is the culmination of Tekonsha Corporations vast experience as a leader in surface care technology.

For more than 40 years, Tekonsha has manufactured advanced surface care products for automobile, aircraft and marine use. Their time-tested approach has enabled them to be chosen as the number one supplier to the airline industry. In fact, over 90% of all major airlines use a version of Ultra Finish on the exterior aircraft surfaces!!

LPI now provides this superior product to enthusiast "Who Demand Perfection" in the care and appearance of their prized possessions! ! Used by many automotive concourse show winners for an outstanding deep shine! Ultra Finish is an acrylic base and will outlast any conventional polish or surface treatment. It can be used as a spray polish by mixing 2 oz. of Ultra Finish with 16 oz. of water. With each additional coat of Ultra Finish you add more depth and brilliance!!

Protect your investment with the best that money can buy, the airlines demand the very best- shouldn't you?


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