Fitch Fuel Catalyst

Outdoor Power Equipment

The Fitch Fuel Catalyst for Outdoor Power Equipment
The Fitch Fuel Catalyst F2T is for all brands and models of hand held equipment including weedwackers, chainsaws and leaf blowers. Treats up to one gallon for the life of the equipment!

The Fitch Fuel Catalyst F4T is for all brands and models of walk behind equipment including lawnmowers, small generators, snowblowers, power washers, tractors and go-carts. Treats up to 6 gallons for life!

The Fitch Fuel Catalyst F5T (twin-pack) is for equipment with engines ranging from 26-75hp and/or a 6-12 gal fuel tank.

The Fitch Fuel Catalyst will permanently keep fuel fresh in all your outdoor power equipment during off-season storage. Outdoor power equipment, whether 2 or 4 cycle, produce a significant amount of emissions but with the Fitch Fuel Catalyst, the smoke and carbon monoxide vapors are substantially reduced, keeping the air cleaner during operation. Fuel economy results have been as much as 30% and the cost of engine maintenance reduced by half. This product quickly pays for itself and is strongly recommend to anyone operating outdoor power equipment.
The Fitch Fuel Catalyst is backed by a 90 day money back guarantee. If you are not completely satisfied with the results, return the unit for a complete refund of the purchase price.

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