HYDROCHARGER”TM “Atomizer”- uses "pressure differential" vacuum/water molecule separation technology. The operating principle utilizes an engines vacuum signal (vacuum hose to manifold vacuum source) routed to a special sealed container filled with distilled water(H20) that through complex physics creates an “ionization” effect of the water molecules thereby forming a finely “atomized” nano-sized vapor. An ion is simply a molecule that has gained or lost an electron. A positive ion is a molecule that has lost an electron, a negative ion is generally an oxygen molecule that has gained an electron.

These charged atoms are created in nature by sunlight, moving water, air currents and radiation, all of which cause electrons to leave hydrogen (water=H2O), nitrogen (78% of the atmosphere we breath), and other molecules, and attach themselves to oxygen molecules.

These near microscopic “atomized” super-charged molecules are converted to reactive oxygen through the physics of vacuum/ionization acting within the “HYDROCHARGER”TM “Atomizer”. When combined with gasoline and ignited in the combustion chamber the atomic power of hydrogen and oxygen (H2O) is released and acts as a catalyst to support more complete combustion.

Easy to install, a very powerful yet effective device to greatly enhance performance, reduce exhaust emissions and boost gas mileage. Typical mileage gains 15-40% - for use with gasoline engines only! Installation 15 minutes or less for most applications.

-Exclusive Legend 45 Day Money-Back Performance Guarantee!!


  • Use on any gasoline car or truck
  • Improves fuel mileage 15-40%, adds 50-150 mile range per tank full*
    (*varies by tank size)
  • Engines run smoother, quieter with more response and power
  • Reduces exhaust emissions 50-80%, lowers exhaust temperature
  • Internally cleans combustion chambers, pistons and rings
  • Doubles oil life, less frequent oil changes, extends engine life
  • Easy to install, add water every 1000-2000 miles, no other service required

(Patent Pending)

Old Price: $375.00

Price: $325.00

You save: $50.00

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