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  1. Robert holmes says:

    Just switched my switchback pro-r to legend oil. What an improvment . Better throttle response. Burns way cleaner than ves gold. Exaust valves are cleaner too! Great stuff!

  2. Thomas Madej says:

    I switched to Legend Performance oil several years ago. Exhaust valves stay clean from the start to the end of the year….spotless. Sleds runs perfect from -25′ below to 40′ above zero. Best oil money can buy….period!!

  3. Lyle says:

    Dear Legend Lubricants.

    Happy Happy Happy!!

    Your product and the documentation you give in your web site video in plain english with the samples and the real snowmobile pistons that have 25,000 miles on them blows the usual blah blah blah of competing oil companies away.

    Mark, your web site and presentation are superior, it is an education, you treat your customers to an absolutely fantastic snowmobile video. I think a few or the opening shots on your video of a 2005 to 2007 Renegade or Summit at the beginning, I ride a Renegade. Way cool!!!

    Your web online order system is great too and PayPal makes it super simple and super safe to shop online as well as accepting credit cards as well.

    Thanks again Mark,

    Lyle Rogalla
    Hugo, MN

  4. Don Jones says:

    Long overdue to write this. After 4 years, Legend is the only oil I use any more in any 2 stroke that I own. I have a couple of Polaris 600’s and the difference can clearly be seen when cleaning the exhaust valves. I also like not having my snowmobile gear stink and not having all the exhaust residue on the sleds. And it works great in my backpack leaf blower, I can use it all day and not choke on the exhaust. I also use it in the outboard on the boat. I have to go slow for about a mile to reach open water, and not only is the exhaust cleaner, the plugs do not load up like they do with other oils. The case I bought last year is almost gone, so you will be hearing from me soon to get more.

  5. Ron says:

    Absolute truth, I have a skidoo mxz600 e-tec and the “top speed of the day” recorder on my cluster has never gone over 106mph until I got smart and switched to ZX2SR oil. Now my cluster’s top speed record is a consistent 111mph, and that’s without any motor work, just switching to Legends oil. I also have to tell you what a pleasure it is now that I use Legends, my 4 place trailer doesn’t fill up with noxious fumes when I’m warming up my sleds to pull them out.
    I am extremely happy and amazed, keep up the good work.

  6. Bob Lennox says:

    I have been riding sleds for 50 years, I dont know how many I have owned but the sled Mark set up for me is the most reliable sled I have ever owned, I have a 2005 800xc that I broke four cranks before I had 5000 miles on it,had to clean power valves all the time because I used the oil that Polaris sells,I think they get it from STP. After Mark rebuilt this junk 800, I have put over 18,000 miles and have never touched anything, going from 8 miles per gal.to 13 with no add on parts. If you run Amsoil or Klotz or what Polaris sells then make sure you have a good tow rope.
    If you decide not to run Legend oil you could save a little money, then just run 30w…

  7. Tom says:

    Your zx-2sr oil really pisses off everyone I know……behind me.

    More people would ask me what I’ve done to my sled to “make it so fast”. Most everyone was convinced it was modded somehow. “What the hell did he do to that thing? ….it really hauls the mail”.

    My stock 700 was running up against people claiming way more horsepower, bigger motors running ‘the best oil’ out there.

    Funny how mad they get when they can’t pull on or keep up with a 15 year old sled with several thousands of miles on it.

    The only three mods on the sled was an air box mod, studs, and a different type of spark plug.

  8. Scott Griswold (Coconut) says:

    After switching all of my Polaris sleds over to the Legend ZX2R oil, I could not be happier. One Saturday morning before a family ride, I decided to re-jet my son’s PRO-X 440.
    Unlike me,I missed a very critical step. I forgot to re-attach the PTO side oil line to the carb flange. We left Traverse City heading out on one of our favorite rides. After we got east of M-66, out on Dutch John Rd. we stopped for a family picture or two. I noticed a small red spot in the snow under my son’s 440. After realizing what I had done, I was devastated. Not knowing what the damages were at that point, I was unsure of finishing the ride, we had gone a little over 50 miles and had another 120 to go. 50 miles with no oil to the PTO side and my son does not baby this sled. I hooked the line back up and cleaned up my mess in the belly pan with every rag and towel we had with us.
    We decided to continue on with the ride and deal with it if something happened down the trail. The sled made the rest of trip, all 192 miles of it that day. After returning home, we went out into the shop and did a compression test on the engine. WOW….128 psi. on both sides, just as it was when we got the sled with 900 miles on it. That sled has 3000+ miles on it now and 1500+ since my mistake.
    I am certain that if I had been running any other oil than Legend ZX2R, that engine would have been junk.

    Thanks Mark.

  9. Rod says:

    I’m a Powered Paraglider pilot and start using ZX-2SR 2 stroke oil for my motors. No smell, no smoke, and no degradation in time. I used synthetic before and was thinking it is was the best, but now I’ve changed my opinion and choice to ZX-2SR. Want to say that this oil saved my engine 2 times when it was overheated. I want to add that now I’m using ZX-2SR for all my 2 stoke engines at home. 5 stars!! Highly recommend!!

  10. Tim Harrigan says:

    Just got done with the season of asphalt racing with over a 100 miles of 1/8th & 1/4 mile wide open runs. Most days were 90+ air with much hotter on the track temps. Running my tuned up Pro Cross at consistent 9.5et 131mph with ZX-2SR oil we ran flawless. NO problems and same plugs all season. With a win at Amsnow Shootout and season 2nd place points in MSADRA Pro4 Index series we tip our hats to Mark/Legend Oil for the protection. This stuff is the real deal. Oh, I’ve been running it for years trail ridding too (1000’s of miles) IT WORKS!

  11. Ben brookhouse says:

    I have run this oil since 2006 in all my 2 strokes and it’s awesome. Even when we raced bikes we were always asked how a stock piped, non ported 98 yz 125 could outrun the newer 250f’s. All I did was smile as it was my motor they couldn’t beat. All I did was run legend zx2 at the time and since then it’s the zx2r and now going to the new ZX-2SR stuff. I swear I have the only 900 fusion on earth that will run wide open for as long as I have room and not blow up. Starts and runs the same always and never stinks. Truly an a+ oil, will not run anything else.

  12. Stewart Martin says:

    I have been using ZX2R since 2006. Switched from Maxima 927 in my KTM 125 Dirt Bike because it was the only quality oil I could buy local and I needed oil that day. My ’04 F6 EFI had Ipone oil in it when I bought it and sounded like it was going to foul a plug during warm up idling. I syphoned the oil reservoir out and filled it with ZX2R. Just as claimed the idle improved dramatically. Unbelievable how an oil can make such a difference.

  13. Bryan Rude says:

    I am sold on Legend ZX-2SR oil, I switched from another leading brand last season. I own a 2017 Polaris Indy 600, after draining tank and refilling with ZX-2SR, ran sled a day to clear oil lines of old oil, I then took power valves out and thoroughly cleaned and reinstalled. After the rest of last season, 750 miles, I cleaned valves, found them a little oily, but not gummy like past oils would have been. Hard to say on any performance increase since sled has been running ZX-2SR since sled was almost new (was still in computer break-in setting).

  14. DUANE GENTZ says:

    I started running this oil back in 2003-2004 in my sons Arctic Cat ZR 600 and could not believe the improvement in throttle response of the motor, also put an end to fouled plugs and carboned up power valves!! I have tried several aftermarket top dollar oils and no other oil has performed close to this. The ZX-2R and ZX-2SR both have a complete burn and I have never had a failure due to lubrication.
    My son while growing up dirt bike racing had the same results, now he is addicted to this oil also!! Now into 2017, I still run Legend oil 5W-30 in my everyday car to my 550 HP GTO with the Legend Pro-Flo billet oil filter. I have never had a complaint about any of Legends products and recommend them to anyone who strives for perfection, I will never change as long as there available…