ZX Oil Testimonials

Legend ZX-Series Lubricants Division,

Mark Zaic has been around snowmobiles for a long time. Any of the performance improvements we’ve tested from Legend over the years have all been 100% credible, verifiable and have provided legitimate performance improvements and good value for our readers. We knew when Legend got into the snowmobile lubrication business their products would be of exceptional quality. Furthermore, any and all claims made by Mark and Legend are based on honest to goodness verifiable facts. Can we say this any simpler: His oil is good stuff. We use it in our press fleet and have found it to be of exceptional quality and a true performance enhancer.

Mark Lester-Publisher
SUPERTRAX International Magazine
Snowmobiling’s Largest Circulation Enthusiast Publication


We have set two official World Speed Records in the Improved Stock 1000 class in 1000 feet on our 98′ Mach Z thanks to your ZX-SERIES EXTREME MOTORSPORTS LUBRICANTS.

We have chased these records for several years and were very close, yet we always came up short. Your President, Mark Zaic assured me your oils would narrow that gap and give us the competitive edge we needed to claim those sought after records. He promised improved performance and we certainly got it! (Tia VanGuilder sets new Improved Stock World Record Saturday 2/03/07 @ CMSA sanctioned event in McGregor MN using LEGEND ZX-2SR racing oil with a top speed of 135.423 MPH. This is a one MPH improvement over her 2006 World Record using LEGEND ZX-2R!! In our ultra competitive class, a one MPH gain is a breathtaking achievement!!)

We use ZX-2R/SR in all four of our Speed Run sleds and the three (3) Snowcross – Hillcross sleds we sponsor. Our Snowcross engine builder informed me he had never seen an oil that would cling to all the engine parts and protect so well. ZX-2R/SR oils have worked extremely well and offered great performance and reliability allowing us to become World champions!

Recently, I changed to your ZX-2R oil in a Stihl back pack leaf blower that would not stay idling since it was new. A short time after the switch, the blower will now idle consistently without fail. We use your oil(s) in all our 2-stroke engines we operate and recommend it to anyone who wants to perform like a champion themselves!! Thanks for helping us get into the record books…

Emerson Stahl
Proctor, MN

Legend ZX-Series Lubricants,

I’m going to keep this short and sweet, your ZX-2R 2-cycle oil is the best oil I have ever ran in any of my sleds period! I highly recommend it to people all the time. I will not use any other oil in my sleds after running your ZX-2R. Absolutely love it! Thanks for a great product!!

Bret Bales
Cadillac MI.

Legend Performance,

Just wanted to drop a line and convey to you some of the findings of this year’s testing with your ZX-2SR (Special Race) oil. Let me begin by admitting I was a bit skeptical regarding some of the claims you made about the product’s performance. I have always been leary of snake oil claims, and having tested numerous two-stroke oils with lackluster results over the past two years, yours struck me as “just another oil”. However, through extensive testing, the Legend ZX-2SR two-stroke oil proved its “mettle on the metal”. . .

Our testing began with the employment of an exemplar machine for comparison purposes. We selected two 2007 Arctic Cat M1000 snowmobiles. The unit selected as the ZX-2SR experiment was new and had never been run with any other oil. The other new snowmobile used a very popular competitor’s aftermarket oil. Both units were slated for a high level of modification (exhaust, heads, NOS, etc.) and were to be used by expert riders (they were high horsepower Vohk units and ridden HARD).

During the course of the season, we periodically disassembled and inspected engine components for wear, damage, etc. During one of these routine inspections, we discovered the unit employing Legend ZX-2SR oil had experienced a rather unique failure. The oil injection pump linkage became disconnected and was laying in the bottom of the machine. It was apparent that it had been this way for some time (estimated 400 miles). There was, however, some very minor scuffing on the pistons, but not enough to result in seizure or loss of performance. This discovery was nothing short of amazing!!

Let me get more specific regarding periodic inspections. The following items were unique to the unit employing Legend ZX-2SR two-stroke oil:

1. The Y-pipe was clean and dry (evidence of VERY complete burn)
2. Significantly less piston ring blow-by
3. Much cleaner power valves
4. Any parts collecting the oil were extremely easy to clean
5. Less cylinder and piston wear
6. Generally cleaner combustion chamber

After these remarkable results, we deemed Legend ZX-2SR two-stroke oil worthy of use in several other non-experimental snowmobiles. In a pre-mix situation, it was revealed that there was less octane degradation and no separation (compared to a leading competitor). This coupled with the fact that Legend ZX-2SR two-stroke oil smells great, smokes less, mixes and pours easily, it was an obvious choice for our race team.

In conclusion, Legend ZX-2SR oil does what all two-stroke oils SHOULD DO: It performs an excellent job as a lubricant and gets OUT OF THE WAY. It is a great product. I not only recommend it, but I use it with a passion.


Erik Woog
Vohk Performance
Kremmling, Colorado


I just want to commend you and the staff at Legend Performance for the best technology available in 2-stroke lubricants. We at Braaap Films have been using and testing your oils for a full year now, and I am proud to say that it is, by far, the best formula of oil we have ever used. We’ve always used what we thought were the best lubricants, and continually had – at best – maintenance issues that were recommended by the manufacturer, like pulling your power valves apart every 500 miles and cleaning them, which aren’t even a part of our “things to do” anymore. Personally speaking, for my own sled, I have not had to touch my power valves in over 2 years; whereas, before, if we didn’t adhere to OEM recommendations to clean them every 500 miles, we would experience bogging and very poor throttle response.

I’ve heard many other stories from our riders, from Colorado to British Columbia, that confirm the ZX and SR-formula oils are way ahead of anything else that they’ve tried, and that’s from the biggest mod engines that are run at 12 to 14 thousand feet, to the stock 800’s and 1000’s,

One story I’d like to recount is that a group of our riders that ride out of Revelstoke, British Columbia , four of them all bought the exact same sleds (the SkiDoo Summit X with the 800 R’s). One out of the four was running the ZX oil; two were running Blue; and one was running OEM oil. All were burned down with crank and upper cylinder issues with the exception of the one who ran the ZX oil.

Keep up the good work, and thanks for making our sport simpler than it needs to be.

PS…we all love the smell.

Daniel A. Cedolia
Memo-Vision Video Productions

Sno Sled Entertainment & Braaap Films


This is long overdue, but should be worth the wait. As you know, I was contacted about 2 ½ years ago by a snowmobile publication to do an evaluation on your ZX-2R 2-cycle oil. Admittedly skeptical, since I have experimented with quite a few oils over the past couple decades, and being a dealer for what I believed was the best “synthetic” oil currently available, it would be a tough feat to convince me otherwise.

As a fellow Engineer and Engine Builder, I have experienced the cylinder glazing / loss of ring seal / piston ring blow-by and clogged exhaust valves caused by the so-called “best” synthetic oils on the market. I have also experienced the ‘fad oils’ like Blue Marble that are proven to lose HP, (thanks Jim @ Dynotech), yet people still demand because of internet hype etc.

The proof is in the pudding- or oil in this case…
Over the past 2-½ years we have tested the ZX-2R in everything from weed eaters & chainsaws to our motocross bikes and sleds. We have experienced exactly what you claim about this product:

– Easier starting.
– Low to no smoke.
– Crisper throttle response.
– More stable idle and an RPM increase @ idle in many cases.
– No loss of ring seal or blow-by – many teardowns & inspections.
– Extremely low to no wear on internal parts.
– Oil attached to ‘everything’ even under catastrophic conditions.
– Exhaust system remains absolutely clean.
– And yes,,,, chicks do dig the smell!

Probably my fondest or most “memorable” moment was our phone conversation when I switched my personal sled over from Amsoil Dominator to ZX-2R and asked Mark, owner of Legend Performance does this stuff really increase throttle response?” He adamantly stated: “absolutely” and I replied with “Your full of shxx, oil can’t do that”. Oh how I dreaded that call on Monday when I had to make an apology and eat my words. It’s nice to know that you can still buy a product that is what it claims to be without any B.S. attached.

I’d also like to thank you for selecting HOFFMAN PERFORMANCE as one of the few field test report companies in the country for the development of the newest 2-cycle oil in your line: ZX-2SR. We have been testing this oil for over a year now in our grass drag, snowcross and watercross engines and were very impressed. These are all High-HP, hi-rpm engines that run at elevated temperatures in extreme conditions. The level of lubrication & protection from the ZX-2SR is 2nd to none!!

Truly amazing that you were able to improve upon the ZX-2R’s capabilities, this is definitely revolutionary oil, hats off to you and your R & D team! No doubt, more World Speed Records are forthcoming with your superior lubricants….

Mark Hoffman- Owner
Blossvale, N.Y


Want to acknowledge your ZX-Series oils are phenomenal!! I’ve used both your 2-cycle and 4-stroke oils with spectacular results. I started with the ZX-2R in a 530 Arctic Cat, no more smoke and it made the sled ten times more responsive. The overall performance improvement was substantial, it doesn’t even sound like the same sled!
Next I tried your new ZX-2SR Racing Oil in a commercial lawn trimmer and in my 1996 MX-Z 583. WOW!! The awesome improvement in throttle response, absence of smoke and great smell leaves no doubt why it’s called “Throttle In A Bottle!!
I WAS using Amsoil in the 583 and noticed the inside of my exhaust pipe was always wet. Not any more with the ZX-2SR, nice chocolate brown color indicating a cleaner burn. This Ski-Doo has NEVER pulled this hard since switching to your oil!!

I had engine noises using Honda synthetic 4T oil in my 1997 Honda CBR 600 and clutch slippage when ridden hard. I switched over to your ZX-4PS 10W-40 oil and just as promised, no more engine noise. After about 50 miles the clutch slippage ceased and the bike will now outrun any 600 Sport bike that I race. You guy’s have taken lubricant technology to a new level- congratulations!! I’ve learned my lesson with synthetic oils, I won’t be going back!! Thanks for products that deliver outstanding performance and protection.

You can count on all my friends using ZX-Series lubricants, nothing else is even close!!

Mike Devincent
Traverse City, MI

Legend Performance:

We are finished testing your ZX-2R 2-stroke oil and are using the ZX-4PS 4-stroke oil now as well. We can’t begin to tell you how happy we are with your product .The 2-stroke oil burns so clean. Even with twenty hours on our new piston, cylinder, crank and bearings, they are still perfect. The piston looks like it just came out of the box. This was the case on our KX 85, KX100, and KX125 race bikes. Your oil is simply the best. We tell all the competition how good it is and they start to believe after they see how it performs on the track. I want to thank Legend for letting me spend more time with my son and not working on bikes.

Russ Boswell, father of Perry Boswell, #732. Sponsors: Kawasaki Team Green, Legend Performance, Cernic’s, REP, Tag Metals, Liquid Performance, Kenda, SIDI, Scott, Thor, Regina chains, Team Faith, EVS, and JDLCI Racing.

Thanks to LEGEND ZX-SERIES EXTREME MOTORSPORTS LUBRICANTS, l now have a more responsive, cleaner (smokeless) running sled. With the ZX-2R and ZX-2SR oils I have significantly more power than with any other oil I’ve used before and NO SMOKE to pollute the remote areas I ride in. With ZX-2R/SR oils, I have a greater confidence in my sled’s engine operating in the extreme conditions I put it through. Long uphill climbs at high rpm places demands on my modified engine that other oils have not survived through. And I’ve tried them all! I like the fact that ZX-Series oils are mineral-based hybrids and not synthetics, my engines are internally clean with no wear and NO BLOWBY.

I ride in extreme conditions at high altitudes accessible by only helicopter and serious-built specialty sleds. My survival up there demands on having equipment that is 100% reliable, that’s why I trust Legend oils for the protection I need. I won’t use anything else!!

Geoff Kyle
BRAAP Series Films Extreme Rider
Whistler, BC-

Legend ZX-Series Extreme Motorsports Lubricants

I have used your ZX-2R 2-cycle oil in my 600 REV and my 800 Renegade snowmobiles with great success. After 4,000 hard miles and no rave valve maintenance, we checked the compression and it was spot on. It was a treat to drive these miles smokeless and odorless. My wife used to complain of headaches and odor with my previous synthetic oil.

Thanks to Legend “C.B.T.” (Clean Burn Technology), and your non-synthetic approach to blending oils,my wife is all smiles once again!

After owning 38 snowmobiles and trying many brands of oil, your ZX-2R is the absolute best of the best!!

You can be certain I will be using it in my 2008 GSX XP 800R.

John Williams
World Champion Motorcycle Hill Climber
Markham-Ontario, CANADA


I purchased a case of Legend ZX-2R oil in the springtime and thought I would put it to the test in my 1998 Sea-Doo SPX 800 with exhaust valves. I normally take the valves out at the beginning of each riding season to give them a good cleaning. Over the past 13 years I have used Amsoil and frankly, they have always been gummed up with a thick black sludge. I knew I was another victim of the synthetic oils marketing hype.

So at the beginning of this season, in ritual, I cleaned the exhaust valves and filled my 800 with Legend ZX-2R oil instead of the Amsoil. I ran the Sea-Doo hard all summer probably putting 50+ hours on it. When it came time to put it away for the winter, I pulled the exhaust valves to verify the amount of deposits. I was pleasantly surprised to see that the valves had only a very light oily residue on them. So instead of having to clean my valves with a scotch-brite pad on my air grinder, I simply sprayed them with some brake cleaner, wiped them down then re-installed them.

To say the least, I am very impressed with this oil,and it smells awesome as well!!! No more fouled plugs or smoke, excellent throttle response and a consistent idle for extended periods.

Thanks for a great product that delivers!

Rob Pitre
Sharon- Ontario

“WOW! Finally an oil that doesn’t smoke, smells nice and increases my sleds performance!! I borrowed some Legend Performance ZX-2R oil just once. Now I’m sold for life. My sled loves it and I love the no smoke and nice smell. This product is a must for every sledder.”

-Kurt Tilbury,
Fernie B.C.

When it come to my snowmachines I am very particular. I only have 5 months a year to ride and I don’t want to be changing pistons or for that matter even worrying about my oil. I have used Blue Marble and Amsoil in the past, hey not very impressed. Being from the UP of Michigan, I thought I would support the Legend ZX-Series Extreme Motorsports Lubricants after all the positive comments I have heard about it.
I started running the Legend ZX-2R oil in my 2005 Arctic Cat Sno Pro 440. Boy, it sure is nice not smelling like a logger after riding my sled. This oil actually smells good, my buddies even asked if I changed oil. My dad is not a big fan of the two stroke smoke lingering in his shop, he doesn’t see smoke anymore!!
I know I am riding faster everyday, but my 440 will pull harder and smoother than my buddies Cat 440 (now he runs Legend ZX-2R oil). I am not worried about holding it wide open for long pulls , this oil protects. So big deal it smells better and runs cleaner, I thought if it will hold up in my stocker for over 6-55 gallon barrels of race gas, let’s try it in my mod. My 05 Arctic Cat Sno Pro 800 Bikeman Performance mod loves this oil. Clean burning, extra pull and more top end, and no more smelling like a low rate mechanic after every ride.

I am now running the ZX-2R oil in my 1974 Ski-Doo Alpine 640 ER and 1990 Yamaha Ovation fan-cooled racer. Try Legend Lubricants, you too will become a believer.

Bessemer, MI

Legend Performance, Inc., The ZX-2R oil is amazing! I live in Revelstoke British Columbia and ride about 80 days a year. In Revy there is not a lot of women around. When you go out for drinks after a long day of riding you usually smell like your sled , and that doesn’t seem to help matters, why I’m not sure? But since I started using Legends ZX-2R oil, my batting average has come along way so to speak. In addition to the girl problem being solved, the other positves I have found is sharper throttle response if not a small horse power gain! I haven’t had to clean my exaust valves every 5 rides like I used to with the other high end oils that “claim” to be clean burning. The ZX-2R oil doesn’t smoke at all and there is no more white-outs every time I fire up my sled to go lunch of a cliff. I just pull the cord and go without being blinded or gagged. In closing, its the best oil I have ran and I think it smells better then most of the women in Revy! Can’t wait to run more of it…

-Jeremy Hanke
Revelstoke, B.C. Canada

I thought I would take the RAVES out of my ’96 Ski Doo 440. This engine is set up rich because I let my kids ride it, and I know from past RAVE valve cleanings, that it does not get ridden hard because at around every 500 miles, I would have to pry the RAVE valves out to clean them. Well with the ZX2R oil, they slid right out! Sprayed them off with some Brake Clean, wiped them off and reinstalled. I never ever was able to do that before with either SKI DOO oil or AMSZOIL. WOW!!!!!! I am impressed.
I took the RAVES out of my SKI DOO REV 600 HO, did not even have to spray them off. Wiped them down and reinstalled also.
Thanks Mark for your time at HAY DAYS explaining to me about your oil, it really does what you said it would do, I am impressed!!

-Randy Sattler
Grand Forks, ND

Legend ZX2R does exactly what Mark said it would!! Awesome stuff! I race, ride, and work on snowmobiles and have run most of the so called top shelf oils. I haven’t seen much difference other than smell between them. This year I switched to ZX2R and what a difference! Clean, more power, no wear, and yes, it smells great too! I’ve repaired many engines not using ZX2R and all have ring blow by. Most have excessive carbon build up on pistons, exhaust valves, and exhaust ports and manifolds. No blow by and clean on my engine with ZX-2R!!

I have a F-8 top end kit in which several have had problems with. Not mine!! I checked my pistons, cylinders, and exhaust valves, and can’t believe how wonderful they look!! It runs so good I’ve been accused of having a bigger engine. Oh yeah, I use the FITCH FUEL CATALYST too. ;Thanks Mark, for keeping after me to use your stuff. I’m sold, It works!!!!

#72 Tim Harrigan

Spoke with Mark regarding technical info on Legend ZX-2R high performance oil, his response was immediate and accurate. I have informed him I am from northern Ontario and have used this oil on my 91 Indy 500. This oil is unbelievable!! it does what it says…-30 below temperature starts are near smokeless ,then totally smokeless at operating temp.
Smells great and no complaints from guys behind on the trail. now have a new 600 HO Fusion and now converting to ZX-2R oil. I had run 1 gallon on break-in on dealer synthetic, no comparison! Smell is just horrible on clothes and lungs. My buddies will not ride behind me because of the burning smell from the oil….power valves very dirty at 300 miles and had to be cleaned. Not happy with OEM oil at all. If I had not known about ZX-2R oil, 4-stroke would be my only next step. Tell every body you can about ZX-2R oil. It’s a superior product.

Sincerely, Steve Ethier
Ontario, Canada

Mark & The Gang

I’ve been riding sleds for years and I’m always looking for something to give me that ‘lil edge over my buddies, not to mention a product that will help make and keep my sleds running better. Thats where Legend Performance and your ZX-2R Extreme Motorsports Lubricants come into play.

I’ve been running your ZX-2R and love what it has done for me. But the biggest help came when we talked at Novi. I’ve spent many hours and late nights at the Fire Dept. working on Emergency/Rescue Saws that wouln’t idle or run due to oil fouled plugs or plugged exhaust from oil residue. Well all that is history!

They start easier, idle smoother, and run better than ever. It’s bad enough with the smoke from a fire, you should’nt have to deal with the smoke from a saw while trying to save someones life or their home!

With the ZX-2R, the smoke is gone and the performance is incredible! WELL DONE!!

Thanks for all your help.

Rob Miller
Lt.- Centreville Fire Dept
Centerville, MI

Oil is one of those topics that everyone seems to have an opinion on but most don’t really have a solid basis for their opinions. Having said that and having admitted up front that I’m one of those people (I’m not a chemist, an engineer, nor a professional mechanic!), I just wanted to throw this out: I have discovered an oil that isn’t talked about much out west, and hasn’t really been discussed much in these forums, that I’m slowly becoming convinced is better than Blue Marble, Amsoil, or anything else I’ve tried. It’s called Legend ZX-2R. In contrast to most oils that are made and marketed by big oil companies, this is made on a small scale back east by a small company that tunes snowmobiles. It is a highly refined mineral oil, non-synthetic, with fancy chemistry.

I don’t understand the chemistry, but I know this much: my engines run fantastic on it. All the things people claim about Blue Marble (better idling, better mileage, etc.) I noticed when I switched to this oil (however, I take all that anecdotal stuff with a big grain of salt because of the placebo effect!) The first thing I noticed is: it burns WAY cleaner than ANYTHING else out there. It is totally smokeless (after warm-up) and burns 100%. It has a pleasant smell. Your clothes do not stink. Your enclosed trailer does not stink. The people riding behind you do not gag.
The tree huggers don’t see a big cloud of blue smoke to whine about. But that’s just the side benefits. You tear down the engine, and there is ZERO residue. It looks absolutely brand new. No carbon build up. No glaze. No wear. Legend claims rings seal better with ZX-2R, and they stay that way.

That claim seems to be consistent with what I’ve found after running the stuff for 1 1/2 seasons. I assume that’s why there’s NO carbon below the rings on the sides of the piston. (That’s one of the problems with synthetics and also with Blue Marble: they glaze the cylinder wall and you lose ring seal). Power valves stay cleaner than with any other oil I’ve tried; they just don’t gum up! Unlike with Blue Marble that some say does not hold up in extreme power load motors, my understanding is that this stuff does hold up – even better than synthetics. Unlike with synthetics, however, Legend does protect during the off season and between rides. They claim they are doing stuff NOBODY else is doing; their lubrication chemistry it toally unique; it is heat triggered. (The oil is not even the source of the lubrication; the oil is merely the carrier – this is way over my head…)

Whatever the claims and hype, I’ve been very happy with this oil and wondered if anyone else out there has tried it. If you haven’t, I’d suggest you do. I’ve personally spoken with the owner of the company (Mark Zaic at Legend Performance) and he sounds like a real straight shooter who knows his sleds and understands lubrication chemistry, not some ex-Enron scumbag who doesn’t know a sled from a kite. Not some big oil company that 99% of their sales is for cars and other 4-strokes. And not a multi-level marketing company that specializes in synthetics that if you ride beind a sled burning that stuff you nearly choke on the fumes. Mark seems much more interested in making the best oil ever made than he is in making a ton of money.

No, I do not have a financial interest in this company. I’m just a sledder in Utah. I learned about it from a friend who is a former three time world champion Jackson Hole hillclimber and master mechanic who was amazed when he tore down an engine that had been buring this stuff, and told me about it.
It may well be the “holy grail” of oils. Unfortunately, they have not spent much money on advertising, so few out west have heard of it. This stuff isn’t even sold in stores out here yet; I have to order it from Legend directly (www.legendperformance.com). They plow all their profits back into R&D. In fact, they are introducing their next generation of the stuff next fall. In the meantime, I’m sticking with ZX-2R until somebody can show me another oil that apparently has all the upsides and none of the downsides of synthetics, casters, AND mineral oils… It costs about $30 per gallon, shipped.

By the way, Mark has written an essay on 2-stroke motor oils that I found very informative, entitled, “Understanding Modern 2-cycle Lubricants.” You can read it at:


1968 Eskimo R/T-1 340
1971 Ski-Doo T’NT 775
1975 SkiRoule Ultra 440
1980 Kawasaki Invader LTD 4/6 440
1983 Polaris Indy Trail 440
1986 Polaris Indy 600
1988 Polaris Indy 400 SKS
1996 Arctic Cat Powder Special 580
1998 Arctic Cat Powder Special 600EFI
2001 Ski-Doo Summit 800 Highmark
2003 Custom Pol-Cat 800
2005 Arctic Cat M7 Limited Edition

Irv Nelson

As a snowmobiler and engine builder for over 25 years, I’ve seen some pretty outrageous claims made about performance products. Oil is certainly one of those items that remains the least understood and it seems that every manufacturer claims to have a better mouse trap. I’ve never experienced any oil related failure with any product I’ve used nor have I seen any real difference in performance until I tried ZX-2R! As Mark suggested, I sampled it first in my weed trimmer and noticed right away that it seemed to run better with no smoke and a crisp, clean sound I hadn’t heard before. The idle RPM actually went up and I had to adjust it back down! Well, I must admit, this alone isn’t enough to conclude much so I was anxious to also try it in my sled.

Almost right away, I noticed an exhaust note that was considerably “cleaner”. The engine just seemed to “breath” better under all conditions – similar to what you experience in the extreme cold when oxygen content is high. The engine responded to very slight inputs of the throttle. Fuel mileage increased because the engine seemed to “relax” and not labor itself. Still not completely convinced I continued to ride under all conditions, temperatures, fuels, etc. but the engine just continued to perform like never before – it just “sounds” great! I traveled over 3000 miles last year and the exhaust valves slid right out and wiped clean with solvent! Never fouled a plug or missed a beat all year!

One of the few products I’ve tried that I can say made a difference! I wish I had dyno’d the motor before/after to measure it! Thanks for a great performance enhancing product!

Eric Glassman
Clarence, NY

I just broke in my refreshed 2000 ZRT 600 motor on your ZX-2R oil, and I am very happy with the results. There was little to no carbon buildup after running your ZX-2R oil. This made it much easier to verify the jetting on the plugs and piston tops. The typical 2-stroke smoke was non-existent after warm-up. My clothing didn’t even smell after I was done riding for the day. In fact, the lack of smoke and the nice smell convinced my two riding partners to switch to the ZX-2R. Previous oils used by us were the Amsoil synthetic, Klotz, and Arctic Cat’s factory oils.

ZX-2R has proven itself superior to all three other brands we have used in the past. We look forward to the cleaner riding and enhanced engine life thanks to your superior product!!

Don Schlaud II

First of all I want to thank Legend Performance for providing a product that is steps above everyone else. I have been running the ZX-2R oil in my motocross bike (2000 KX 250) for the last few years now.


Much crisper throttle response
Racing caster scent
A true exhaust note and lack of smoke
The clean burn and lack of carbon in pipe

Overall I think this is a great product and I will never go back to anything else. I tell all my friends that run other oils that they need to change, but until then, I guess that I’ll continue to be the leader of the pack!
P.S.- The Fitch Fuel Catalyst works great as well!!

– Greg M.
Potsdam, NY

I WAS using Amsoil Dominator oil in my 2003 Polaris 700 SKS for the first two seasons and I always noticed an oil build-up around the spark plug holes and heavy carbon deposits on my power valves. With only 600 miles using the Amsoil Dominator oil I could barley remove the valves for cleaning. Not many people liked riding behind me due to the foul Amsoil smell.

In the fall of 2004 I visited the Hastings snowmobile show and I over-heard the representatives from Legend Performance describing their oil technology and about how much cleaner their mineral-based hybrid oils burn. After learning how synthetic oils do not burn completely and the their lack of corrosion protection not to mention my disappointing results with the Amsoil, I decided to give the ZX-2R oil a try. I was a little nervous about changing to a different oil that I wasn’t familiar with, but I did hear from other people using the Legend oils who were completely sold on the performance improvements they achieved.

I am now 100% sold on this awesome product!! I put 800 miles on my sled, pulled the power valves and they were extremely clean, my plugs are brown and dry for the first time, and the sled doesn’t smoke! The oil smells great and people are always asking what oil I use.

Throttle response and idle quality is flawless! I’ve never seen this kind of performance gains by just switching oils, it’s amazing. Why hasn’t somebody else figured this out years ago?

Thanks Legend for a superior product, I will recommend it to everyone!!

– Chris Ackerman
Clare, Michigan

FIRECAT- Not a common name used on a primarily Polaris performance website!! For years I used Polaris products and I’ve purchased numerous products from Legend Performance, Inc. I have been very impressed/satisfied with everything from clutch kits to fuel additives, all are superior to other competing products on the market.

When I turned to the “DARK SIDE” and bought a 2003 F7, I immediately turned to Mark at Legend for any performance improving tips he could supply. The first thing I did was start using their ZX-2R hybrid non-synthetic oil. Some immediate improvements I noticed were the lack of smoke, better gas mileage and no eye irritation that I experienced with the Arctic Cat APV oil. I also installed the FITCH fuel catalyst.

One of my friends bought an F7 the same week as me, same color, same dealer etc. We were both advised that we should perform an annual cleaning of our power valves. When I pulled mine, there was minimal build up and they were in excellent condition. My friend with the same mileage and same sled is still trying to get his valves out! He didn’t change oils. When we are riding and its time to gas up, I regularly use $5-$7 less per fill up than the stock 700 sled!! The Legend ZX-2R oil and the Fitch fuel catalyst are inexpensive performance gains that everyone can benefit from!!

Thanks Legend for awesome products that work as advertised!!

-Charlie Huggard
Traverse City, MI

Having been a snowmobiler for over 35 years, I’ve purchased many aftermarket products. Some have worked, some haven’t worked very well. I first met Mark Zaic from LEGEND PERFORMANCE, INC. in Traverse City, Michigan at the Hastings Michigan Snow Show in October of 2000. Mark made me two promises about his products. One, I’d get more performance out of my 2000 Polaris XCR-800, and two, I’d get better fuel mileage (LP”s Trail Dominator Kit/ ZX-2R Oil combined). Both promises were kept beyond my expectations. The Trail Dominator Kit made my sled feel like I had added a fourth cylinder, (ask my buddies with their T-Cats). Fuel economy improved with the first tank, keeping me right in line with my buddies with 500 and 600’s, the ZX-2R oil was smokeless and everyone commented about the sweet smell and that they enjoyed following me down the trail without the “burning eyes/nasty odor syndrome”.

What really made me happy was seeing the inside of my engine after putting on over 7000 miles, and not once fouling a plug. The pistons were virtually spotless with no carbon build-up or wear. After witnessing the inside of my engine after having blown a center head gasket (caused by a leaking water pump seal) and driving my sled until it quit, I was amazed that the crank was reusable after setting in a bath of antifreeze for almost six weeks. You’ve sold me on your ZX-2R oil and I will use it in every sled I buy. I have, and I will always recommend Legend Performance products to anyone who rides a Polaris or any other brand. If you want better performance and improved fuel economy, you can trust Legend Performance products to meet your needs. Mark Zaic is a straight shooter.

Gary L Smith “Uncle Fenster”
Twisting Trails Snowmobile Club
Muskegon. Michigan 49445


I have been using your LEGEND ZX-2R oil for the last two years and have been very satisfied with it. Last year I had taken my freshly rebuilt Ski-Doo MX-Z 700 on a trip for a long weekend.

The engine had approximately 200 miles on it. On our first day out I went about 3 miles and the engine just quit. After pulling the plugs ( that were white in color ) I was baffled, but it was clear that I was not getting sufficient fuel to run or cool the engine. After reinstalling the plugs, the same thing happened four more times. With an extremely lean fuel delivery the engine was so hot my ceramic coated pipe turned purple, something I had never seen before. The last time this happened it would not start.

I thought the engine was toast. So we towed it back and put it in our heated trailer to thaw out the fuel pump that had iced up. After 2 hours the sled started up and ran great the rest of the weekend. When I got home I checked the compression on both cylinders and discovered that I had gained 10 pounds. 146/146. This extreme heat had certainly seated my rings.

I was also running a 140 to 1 oil ratio . My conclusion is: “That if I had been running anything but
this ZX-2R oil, I would be rebuilding this “most likely seized” engine again.

Thanks Legend for an obviously superior product .

-J. Chandler


For 4 years I have been running your oil exclusively in my Polaris sleds. I started with the ZX2 oil and last year went to the ZX2R oil as recommended. I have experienced awesome results from using these oils. I only have to clean my power valves every 1500 miles as opposed to every 800-1000 and the scent from your oil is great! I do not have to wash my gear after every ride like you do with most all other oils.

All of my friends actually enjoy riding behind me on the trail because the smell is sweet and non-obtrusive. I recommend this oil to everyone and my brother now runs it in his sled as well as friends that are going to be running it as well.

Thanks a lot for a great product.

-Steve McIlroy
Rochester NY

Legend Performance,

I just wanted to thank you for all the info you gave me and my friends. I have used your ZX-Series ZX2R oil in a ’04 XC700 and was impressed with it’s performance. I checked exhaust valves at 300 miles and had no deposits, checked again at 1000 miles and still no build up or sludge behind the diaphragm. After 7000 miles, I have cleaned them once!! The ZX-2R oil performs above and beyond your advertised claims!! It is nice to meet the owner of the company you buy products from and to know your product s are backed by a solid reputation in the industry, keep up the good work!

-George Thew
Mooers, NY


I have ridden sleds (all kinds) since 1969. My wife and I are currently riding 2004 and 2005 Ski-Doo Rev’s. My son-in-law also has two Rev’s and two Polaris’s for the kids. I tried a gallon of your ZX-2 four years ago and it was just great (no smoke or smell). I switched to your ZX-2R three year ago and started my brother-in-law on it with his four sleds. We are hooked on your ZX-Series lubricants!! This is by far the best oil I have ever used.!! I have used many brands of oil over the years and they all smell and smoke like crazy. Your Legend ZX-2R oil is 100% “smokeless” as advertised!

People we refer who try your ZX-Series oil won’t use anything else!! I started using it in my outboard and it works great. Keep up this great product line, were telling everyone we meet .

-Wayne Outwater
DeRuyter, NY


I have an Arctic Cat ZL550 2003 and used to use AMSOIL. My friends and family would ride behind me and would complain about the bad smell of the Amsoil saying that it smelled like I was burning “used oil”!

I then switched to LEGEND ZX-2R oil. In the first tank it smelled better and on the second tank of oil it started easier and also increased top end by 8mph!!

I am very impressed by the PERFORMANCE and the PRICE.

-Kirk H


As a lubrication engineer for over 25 years, I have seen a lot of high performance products. Your ZX Series two-cycle oil formulations are truly the best I’ve ever evaluated.

In the engines I have tested it in, I have noticed an immediate change in idle quality, throttle response and fuel efficiency. The lack of smoke and pleasant aroma should please the environmentally conscious of us all. Congratulations on developing an excellent product.

It truly is “Throttle in a Bottle”.

Middletown NY

HI Mark,

Thanks for all the help you have given me with power valves, also your ZX-2R oil has made my wife’s 600 deluxe a new sled, with factory oil I could not get the idle and low end to come around, after switching to this oil the sled has a new breath of life. My wife said this is not the same motor. She usually rides in the back, she does not like riding with others unless they are using legend oil, she don’t get the bad headaches like she did in the past.

Thanks again for all your Help

-Mike Kline
Mendon, MI


I’ve run the ZX-2 in my 1998 XC700 and the ZX-2R in my 2002 XC700SP Edge with the VES valves. The differences between that and the Synthetic Gold and Synthetic VES are not even comparable. I got better gas mileage, more consistent performance under constant temperatures and most importantly, I got rid of the foul smelling, nauseous making smoke of the stock oils. I’ve also found that the pistons run cleaner and the exhaust valves clean up much easier. Best thing is, I was able to get my riding buddies to put the same blood in the veins of their machines and now we can all ride without getting nauseous and our clothing stinks less too. The combination of the TD Kit, Fitch Fuel Catalysts and the ZX-2R oil have increased my engines efficiency and made for a deadly combination of performance and complete fuel combustion. At $20 bucks a gallon for ZX-2R and even less for the ZX-2, it’s a no-brainer compared to the $32-$35 a gallon for the Synthetic Gold and VES products.

Thanks again for all the help and advice!!!

-Thunder Dan


Just wanted to let you know that I was skeptical when I walked into your place and you were telling me about your Legend ZX-2R oil. I didn’t buy any the first time I walked in. After returning home and getting my ’02 800 XC ready for a trip to the U.P. and cleaning the exhaust valves for the 3rd time this year (approx. 500 miles) I thought to myself…why not give it a try? So I stopped in and bought a case of your oil and headed north. What a difference. I put on about 400 miles and it seems to be everything you said it is. I pulled the exhaust valves to see what they were like…a nice light brown! No black carbon buildup! No need to clean them. It actually is cleaning the engine from the inside out! The sled WAS ran with Klotz since it was new and every time I checked the valves there was always that black carbon built up on the valves and the sludge on the inside of the valve opening. What a mess to clean! Clean burn is right…inside and out. After warm up it doesn’t appear to smoke and has a nice aroma to it. You can add me as a satisfied customer and I will do what I can to spread the word. Only one question remains…How come it took so long for me to find out about your product?

-Bob Bufka
Maple City, MI

Bought Legend ZX-2R from Sharp’s Marine. Cleaned valves before using. Checked valves after 500 miles. Still clean.

-Rich Stevenson
Oswego, NY

The new Legend ZX-2R oil is the best. 1500 miles and the valves can just be wiped off. It doesn’t get any better than that! Thank you for suggesting the oil.

-Scott Richmond
Oswego, NY


I must admit that when I talked to you at NOVI I was a little skeptical. Now after using your performance products and your ZX-2 and ZX-2R in my 2000 POLARIS XCR 800 for the past three years, I’m really glad that I listened to you. Not only did you give me the performance that you promised, (ask my Buds with the T Cats, their not real happy with you), but the mileage that I get even has the guys in our group with the 500’s shaking their heads. I put new rings in it this fall and what a surprise to see so little carbon on top of the pistons, the engine looked as if it was still in it’s break-in period. When ever I talk to another POLARIS rider, I always tell them that if they want their sled to surprise their buddies with not only improved performance, but at the gas pumps as well, to call Legend Performance and ask for Mark.

Thanks for being a straight shooter.

-Gary Smith

Hi Mark,

I just wanted to pass a note on to you to express me complete approval of your ZX-2R2 2 cycle Legend oil. I find this to be the best oil in the market today. My 1999 XCR 800 just picks up and goes above and beyond the call of duty. I have used many other oils in the past but have yet to find any oil that even comes close. I truly like it’s no smoke and complete burning characteristic plus the ability to handle the abuse when I apply the throttle to pass all the others. Well, after doing considerable work this past summer to the engine I believe I just found the meaning to true horse power in a bottle!

-Jerry Oley


I’m writing to give you a testimonial regarding my experience with the Legend ZX-2R 2-cycle oil that I have been using in my racing motorcycles and other 2-cycle engines.

First of all, I must say that when you suggested I run your oil and told me about its characteristics and what I could expect in performance gains, I was skeptical. I’m not one of those “oil is oil” guys, but in the past anything that kept an engine running and didn’t foul plugs was considered acceptable. Well, I got a lot more than that with ZX-2R.

In both my modern motocross bike (KX250) and post-vintage motocrosser (YZ465) I can actually feel the difference in throttle response. Acceleration is “right now” and stronger than ever before. Additionally, the engines’ exhaust note is more crisp and steady.

What really made me a true believer, however, is what happened at one of my vintage races. I had just rebuilt my YZ and was having a hard time getting it jetted in. I ended up racing with the engine running extremely lean and spark rattling at full throttle like it was going to seize at any minute. Bottom line: the engine finished as strong as it started. When I opened it up to see how much damage I had done it looked like I had just put it together. I’m convinced that the excellent lubrication properties of the ZX-2R kept my engine from seizing and ruining a brand new piston and bore.

The oil’s smokeless operation and really neat scent are frosting on the cake, but those are the things that other people notice right away. When on the starting line waiting for the gate to drop my bike looks like it isn’t even running.

Any of my riding friends that are open-minded and try your oil won’t burn anything else – and neither will I. Thanks for developing a great product.

-Ron. M.
Potsdam, NY

Mark, the ZX-2 oil you have recommend has performed excellent. I had a sled with 25,000 miles on it. I had a base gasket failure. Upon tear down I noticed very little wear & carbon build up, with very little blow-by on the pistons. The pistons could be reinstalled. I also have seen these results on my other 2 cycle engines. As well as less plug fouling & external smoking. I have used the product for many years & will continue. NOTHING ELSE COMPARES!

-Jim Holstine

After running a few tanks full of gas mixed with Legend ZX-2R 2-cycle oil through my Honda CR125, I must say this is good stuff. I found that my engine never really bogged even when warming up and the throttle response was immediate and crisp. Performance aside, it was nice that this oil smells good and was cleaner burning too. I think that this is some of the best oil made!

-Nathaniel Tulloch
Canton, NY

Legend Performance,

Here are some of the differences that I have noticed since I chose to run ZX-2R two cycle mix in my Honda CR250.

Change in the tone of the exhaust.
The sound of the engine is crisper.
110% change in the throttle response.
Smoother power delivery.
No smoke, even after revving the engine.
Clean burn, no extra residue at the end of the silencer or on the back fender.

There is not really a description of the amount of change in performance you will see. It’s like having a different engine. The two-cycle mix I was running is a leading brand name a lot of people stand by. There is only one mix I will stand behind and run in my Honda, and that is Legend Performance ZX-2R!

Mark, thanks for investing your time and energy to produce an awesome product!

-Casey Shann